FlairFest X Winners

After accepting over 50 online submissions for our new mixology component and bringing in an amazing roster of lords of bottle space, the Bartenders’ Guild is proud to announce our victors for Flair Fest X.

Flair Champions

Champion: Ryan Clark
Level Night Club – Kelowna, BC

First Contender: Paul Newnham
Black Bull – Calgary, AB

Black Box Mixology Challenge

Champion: Kelsi Foreman
(Formerly of) Level Nightclub – Kelowna, BC
Winning Cocktail: Black Jack Margarita

First Contender: Cam Brown
Vancouver, BC
Winning cocktail: Fee Fi Foe Fuming

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The Bartenders Guild

The Bartenders’ Guild was formed in 2003 as a collection of flair bartenders who shared a passion for a fledging art form. At that time the Guild functioned as a home for its members, uniting them as they worked on disparate events around British Columbia, Canada, and the world. It provided its members with a cadre of friendly faces to share in their glories and foibles. The founding of the Guild also marked the birth of “Flairfest”, a western Canadian bartenders’ festival by bartenders for bartenders. Over time the members of the guild have acquired diverse expertise and the Guild has evolved with them.

The Bartenders’ Guild now stands as a meeting place for skilled bartenders of all creeds; uniting the art of flair and the art of mixology under one roof to bring bartenders together for the love of their craft. With “Flairfest” running into its tenth year in 2013, and carrying a desire to expand the concept of the traditional bartender, the Guild stands poised to redefine itself and the industry in which it thrives.


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With an ever increasing roster of talent and a hunger to diversify its approach in a growing and dynamic industry, the Bartenders’ Guild is eager for the future and all challenges that are ready for it.